1. Elevation (Influx Mix)
'opens with some cool tablas before breaking into a brilliant breakbeat frenzy...the world beat flavour that takes the song to a totally different place.'

2. Fast Cars (Jacknife Lee Mix)
'the final album version has a more brittle acoustic feel, the Jacknife Lee version is more bluesy and Bono’s vocals sound darker and more distorted.'

3. Get On Your Boots (Fish Out Of Water Mix)
'propelled by crashing drums and a jet-propelled synth line courtesy of electronic producers Fish Out Of Water... hypnotic and drum-fixated remix.'

4. Vertigo (Trent Reznor Remix)
'Not as abrasive as you might have expected... brings the guitar and bass to the fore and keeps vocals in the middle of the mix...'

5. Magnificent (Falke Radio Mix)
'almost Pet Shop Boys synth-feel that is quintessentially Ibiza. Complete with pliable bassline and space-age synths...'

6. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Live U2360 Remix)
'live version of 'Crazy' comes complete with crowd chant and opens with immortal line: 'I don’t want to go to war – Relax don’t do it/When two tribes go to war' '

7. Beautiful Day (David Holmes Remix)
'typically lo-fi crunch and bass line open up ‘Beautiful Day'... sounds an awful lot like The Police at their perfect punk-pop best'

8. Staring At The Sun (Monster Truck Remix)
'the closest that this mix album gets to skittering drum 'n' bass territory...' 

9. Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Danny Saber Mix)
'Danny Saber’s mix of ‘Happiness’ is not unlike his remixes for Garbage in that it has a malevolent, crunchy trip hop feel...'

10. Get On Your Boots (Justice Remix)
'French duo Justice take the U2 single and turn it into one of their own, with surging synths and a piano line straight out of 'That’s How The Good Lord Works'...'

11. City Of Blinding Lights (Hot Chip 2006 Remix)
'They’ve done that rare thing: they’ve made U2 sound like another band entirely. And one from East London to boot...'

12. If God Will Send His Angels (Grand Jury Mix)
'quirky downtempo electronica – but it works...'

13. Staring At The Sun (Brothers in Rhythm Ambient Mix)
'the first time these chilled, reverb and piano-laden reworks have seen the light of day...'

ARTIFICIAL HORIZON  A limited edition set curated by the band, Artificial Horizon is presented on purple vinyl in a customised, wide-spined sleeve.

Running to 60 minutes, this triple-vinyl album features 13 tracks remixed by some of the world's leading DJs and producers.

Stretching from If God Will Send His Angels (from 1997's 'Pop') to Get On Your Boots (from 2009's 'No Line On The Horizon'), the set includes three never-before released tracks: I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Live U2360 Remix); City Of Blinding Lights (Hot Chip 2006 Remix); and Get On Your Boots (Fish Out Of Water Mix); as well as two tracks with very restricted previous release: 'Staring At The Sun (Brothers in Rhythm Ambient Mix) and Magnificent (Falke Radio Mix).

This triple-disc set, pressed on purple vinyl, is set to become a collectors must-have like its illustrious predecessor, 1995's 'Melon: Remixes for Propaganda'.

ARTIFICIAL HORIZON on triple vinyl is available for a strictly limited period.

This one-off vinyl edition of Artificial Horizon will be pressed up on MAY 14th 2010, the day orders close, and mailed to customers immediately after manufacturing. When you order your copy you will receive an email by return with instructions on how to instantly download your copy of 'Unknown Caller' (Snow Patrol Remix).

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